Me and my girlfriend love her dachshund, Cykor. She has him since she was a child.
We spend most of our time at her home playing with him, sleep with him, talk about him, make photos of him and send them to each other through social media. My girlfriend loves drawing and she draws our dog a lot. Here's her dA profile.

I'm amazingly shit at drawing nor making songs, but I can program. So that's how chickory adventures came about - I used Bitsy to portray where could our doggo go and what could he do during a typical day where he's home alone. It's an awesome tool, giving you just enough to tell what you want to tell, so kudos to @adamledoux! 

Published Oct 28, 2017
Tags2D, 8-bit, Dogs, Walking simulator

Development log


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This is so cute! Well done, I like how detailed all the descriptions are too! p.s I love the colours you used!

Thank you! I based them on the actual colour of things that are in the flat.